Thursday, January 9, 2014


Written by Jade Walsh....

She hopes to find relief
in the bottom of the glasses
she pours with shaking hands.
As she sits and drinks
a whole bottle passes.
And now she sits and thinks
of all her aching grief.
As promised the poison brings escape
to a distance, private land
where things break and fall apart
more than before- this isn't what she wanted
I try to save her- I'm begging please
But I am not her hero, I have no cape.
I want to give her my soul, my heart
to replace hers that are so haunted.
In her days as dark as night
she turns to the "help" of the bottle with ease
and then pushes me away.
As she sinks to the bottom of her life
"This is not your fight..."
Her words cut me out like a knife .
She has lent me her pain.
Like pictures of the past, I am torn
do I leave- do I stay?
Standing in tears disguised as rain
her familiar demon is reborn.
I point her to the mirror, willing her to see
she's choosing the poison over me...

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