Monday, June 2, 2014

It Must be Nice... change your clothes in front of others. be able be not attracted to the person who has stood by you and given you everything. dislike one part of your body or hair or face in a certain picture. be able to have carte blanche to do or not do whatever you want and let someone else take care of everything else. pick and choose when you want to do whatever you like or show affection whenever it suits you. 

...because I never have a choice. 

My body is always ugly. All of it. That's my fault, I guess. 
My face is never perfect. 
I have to do whatever you decide you don't want to do. Because it has to be done. 

I just wanted to not have to be sorry for my shortcomings and imperfections. I thought that was the point of it all. 

The other girls you're thinking of...  

...they aren't perfect either. Only in your mind. 

Like I was once. 

Oh. I applied for a new job today. Something I am very excited about. But you didn't ask. 

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