Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joey Kerouac

I probably need to be stopped.  I just wrote this bio for one of our available Boston Terriers:

Joey is an American Gentleman who has the heart and soul of a literary genius and we believe that he is very much a large dog trapped in the body of a small dog.  Joey prefers the company of humans to other dogs and would do best in a home as an only dog, or perhaps with one other independent pup.  Joey is likely the Jack Kerouac of the dog world.  He is highly introspective, preferring to be an only dog in a calm and quiet environment (after all, he is planning his next literary masterpiece).  Joey would like a home with very little chaos and a solid routine, as all iconoclast writers do!  Joey likes structure that includes designated areas for sleeping and a regular schedule for walks and feeding.  Can you provide Joey with the space that he needs to develop his next master work?  

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