Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

I hate it.  So much pressure to post the most loving comments.  So much pressure to give the most thoughtful gift or card.  I resent being forced into appreciating my mom, because even though I love her with all of my heart and soul and could never even begin to thank her or tell her how much I appreciate her, nothing that I could physically give her as a gift would convey how I really feel.  Change your Facebook profile photo to a photo with your mom and that must mean that you are just the best kid ever. *eye roll*  And I know my mom is there watching everyone else's Facebook posts about how much they love their mom and I just don't want to participate, even though I know my non-participation will be construed as a lack of caring.

And what about those who have raised children who are ungrateful, ugly people, despite our best efforts, and don't want the reminder of what a shit experience being a mother turned out to be?  Is there anything more ridiculous and insulting than being shunned or ignored by your own child every single day and then having to endure an entire 24 hours designated for you to be appreciated for your child rearing efforts, only to receive the same thing that you get every other day... ignored.  Only it is worse now because you aren't supposed to be ignored and so you have to sit with the painful reminder that you failed, or they failed, or something failed.

Fuck you Hallmark.

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